Make Your Brand More Human on Social Media

Want your brand to stick out in social media platforms? Make an effort to bring out that human touch in every social media marketing strategy you make. Some businesses, especially big brands find social media as a channel used only to promote products and services. Most forget that what social media is really about and everyone is there mainly to socialize and enjoy. Learn a few tips on how to make your brand more human which in the end will boost your web page engagement and grow your revenue.


Establish friendly relationships

When you make real friends, you learn to open up and trust them. You share life’s lessons and join as many relevant or trending conversations that other users started

Confused as to how can promote your business if you don’t make any sales pitch that often? Promotions must be a small portion of your efforts on social media. Showing everyone that you are a brand that can easily be approached is already promoting. Joining conversations that may not even be related to your business is still promoted. Whenever they see how genuine you are on the post you make, it ends up being a marketing strategy.


Make favors first

Before asking everyone to share your posts, wouldn’t it be nicer to do them such favors first? Go ahead and join their conversations, click likes, view their video or follow them. Don’t be afraid to get rejected because you are human enough to understand that you simply cannot please everyone. Keep on making an effort to get a bigger reach and when you ask your followers and friends to do you a favor, they will find it difficult to resist you. That’s the power of being a friendly brand that knows how to invest in good relationships.


Behind the scenes

Followers and friends would get impressed with your photos and videos, but showing them behind the scenes footages tells them the real story on how the result reached perfection. Showing off mishaps, bloopers or errors gives them the idea that despite coming up with impressive pictures and videos, you are not afraid to show them that there is room for both errors and improvement.


Express concern

Human care surely melts everyone’s hearts. Your friends and followers appreciate the genuine concern just like when you give comments, tips or suggestions about anything that is not related to your business. Ask people how they are after a bad weather. This gives readers the idea that you are someone they can approach at all times. You earn their trust just by being human


YouTube: How to Make Money Out of It

YouTube: How to Make Money Out of It

YouTube is a great platform for social media marketing that can open doors to plenty of opportunities. It is the largest video hosting platform that online guests check. Studies show that YouTube videos can convert to a sale to about 50%.

You can direct people to your website by including your website’s URL in the video or posting it on the caption.  There are many creative ways to earn money just by posting videos on YouTube.

Video story telling

Telling your story on YouTube can actually lead to sales conversion. Videos are easy to make and viewers find them easier to understand. In fact, videos speak a thousand words making it way better than texts or pictures.


Videos prove to be attractive to viewers especially to those you buy YouTube views. You can make video about how your product can benefit the viewer. Make sure that it is easy to understand, fun and actually useful.

Other YouTube users also repost videos from other users that they find relevant or interesting. You can quickly go ‘viral’ in no time.

You can either make your product go ‘viral’ and increase your sales. You can also make your video go ‘viral’ so you can earn from the advertisements placed next to your video clip. This is similar to a video entitle Charlie Bit My Finger-Again which was intended for the viewing of the grandfather. The fun video uploaded by Howard Davies-Carr reached 400 million hits. It earned him over £100,000.

Personal touch

Videos are nearly similar to actual touch. Viewers feel like you are reaching out to them to a more personal level. You can try giving them a tour of your store or show them how to use your product in an ingenious way.

Well-structured and awesome YouTube videos can generate revenue. Maximize your profit by venturing into social media platforms like YouTube.



Twitter: How to Make Money Out Of It


Twitter is among the top social media platforms with high number of followers. A lot of people spend several hours on this site. Thus, it is a good venue for you to create brand awareness and even increase your conversion rate. That is easy to say but the question is, how?

To popularize your brand and start making money on Twitter, the first thing you need are followers. You can add contacts manually but that can be tasking or you can buy twitter followers instead. The more contacts you have, the higher the opportunity there is to make your brand known to your targets. If you have 10,000 contacts and 1% of them purchase your brand, it could already boost your sales. It may not affect your income right away, but given that you would do follow-up on your contacts and you would provide quality service, this 1% would eventually increase.

Another way to generate money through Twitter is by doing affiliate marketing. There are a lot of online companies that offer affiliate program. You can sign up with them. You just have to ensure that your Twitter page is reputable enough to encourage them to accept you as an affiliate. You can also sign up for CPC (cost per click) so that every time someone clicks your ad, you earn money out of it.

There are other ways to make money through Twitter. You just have to find out, which of these ways are suited to your brand and of course, you also need as many followers as you can.


Business Transformation: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out


If you know what’s “in”, it’s easy for you to join the bandwagon and do what your competitors are doing. Hence, your brand becomes just like any other brand out there. In order to make your brand stand out, you’d have to think out of the box. Dare to be different! If you play your cards right, you will take the lead instead of being a mere follower. Here’s how:

  • Be creative. If you are in the gadget industry and your competitors are giving away promo items, offer free music or game downloads. If your competitors are sending newsletters, send out audio postcards with graphics regularly, instead. In other words, do not do what everyone in your industry is doing.


  • Take risks. If you will always be on the safe side, you will never know what’s on the other side. Thus, do not be afraid to take small risks. Invest on a new approach. Taking risks can also mean to get a outside source of financing to make your brand better compared to others. If you need a source of financing you can check Of course, for now you only have a salary for you to afford making your business run, you will need a SSS salary loan. This will greatly help you and make things much smoother for taking a risks and making your brand stand out!


  • Conduct researches. In relation to the previous idea, base the risks that you would take on substantial data. The information you need for this can be derived from your web statistics. With the right data, you will be guided as to which marketing technique you are going to adhere.  By using the right tactics, you would be efficient with your resources.


  • Provide high quality service.  Instead of competing with the price, provide high quality service to your prospects. Improve your service delivery. Enhance your customer support. This way, you become competitive without sacrificing your return of investments.


Email Marketing: How to Make Your Campaign Effective

Email Markeitng

Email marketing is one of the proven and tested methods for creating brand awareness among targets.  It is also known to be effective in terms of increasing conversion rate. This is the reason why a lot of companies have been using this tactic for almost a decade now.

And because a lot of companies have been flooding their targets with emails, most of the major email sites, such as Google and Yahoo, came up with a way to filter such emails and send them straight to the spam folder.

There are a lot of challenges a company could face by using the email marketing technique but with a little help from this article, you can improve the impact of your email campaign and prevent it from landing straight to the spam folder. Here’s how:

  • Keep them short and engaging. An email postcard has a higher chance of getting clicked compared to a long email. Email recipients, generally, do not have the time and patience to read full newsletters. You just need to capture their attention and once you were able to do that, it becomes easier for you to encourage them to open the email and click the link that would lead them to your site.


  • Include call to action subject lines. To provide a more aggressive tone on your email, include call to action lines such as “sign up for a discount…”, “request for a free quote today…” and similar other encouraging lines on your subject. This way, your targets will know right away what’s on your email and if they are interested, they will click on it right away, without wasting their time.


  • Add some images. Based on email marketing researches, among the emails sent with suppressed images, 65% of the images were turned on manually. This led to the significant conclusion that email campaigns with images are preferred by recipients than those that contain pure text.


  • Be consistent. According to email marketing survey results, emails that are sent on a weekly basis have more impact than those that are sent once-a-month. By sending emails on a regular period, your targets are conditioned that they will get an update from you within expected time. This will also remind them of your brand’s presence in the market.


  • Segment your emails. Avoid sending general emails to your targets. Send a different email campaign for your prospects and a different one for your actual customers. This way, the tone and content of your email would be more applicable to the kind of recipients you have.


  • Send a follow-up email. Come up with a specified landing page for your email campaign. You can also utilize tools that determine if the email was opened or not. This way, you can send a follow-up email among those who did not open the first one.


Top Tips for a Higher Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

For companies and businesses, conversion rate is very important. It is the translation of mere target customer’s interest into actual business transaction. This is also one of the significant ways to quantify the yields of your marketing efforts.

Therefore, if your business has online presence, conversion rate must be among your concerns. However, conversion rate doesn’t happen on its own. It takes critical analysis and putting your marketing investments at the right place, at the right time. If you want to know how to turn your sales around, read on.

Create a Credible Website

Your website says so much about your brand. It is where you introduce your products and services. In a way, your website is the alter ego of your brand.  Thus, you have to ensure that visiting your site is a pleasurable experience and when your target audiences log out, a positive impression remains with them.

To do that, keep your website simple yet precise. Consider its color, image resolutions and be wary about putting too much information on it. For your contents, keep them updated and with strong points.

Be Where Your Targets Are

Take advantage of the current popularity of social media sites. Place your links and URL on them to boost your search engine ranking. You can also contribute ideas on forums or join communities where you can showcase your brand. If you have a video, make it available on sites where users can vote for it.

Be Proactive

If you want to lead your target customers into patronizing your brand, you have to be more aggressive with marketing strategies. Always place a call for action at the end of your articles. Make your products and services easy to access or purchase and lay out your terms clearly to avoid customer dissatisfaction and disputes.

Keep Your Customers Satisfied

The best way to keep your customers is by serving them well. Keeping your customers satisfied is not just about providing quality product. You need to cater to their requests and concerns promptly and make them feel that their opinions matter.  Lastly, keep a solid hold on them by sending follow up emails and product updates through newsletters. Have it done regularly for name recall and consistent brand awareness.


How to Market Your Product with Limited Budget

Marketing Strategy

Maintaining a stable presence in the market is one of the challenges every company deals with no matter if the company is still budding or is already established. Mind you, even well-known companies such as Nike or Coca Cola still allocates a portion of their budget to marketing because aside from the fact that their competitors are exerting the same promotional effort, they do not want to relinquish their spot to another entrant.

However, for such giant companies, promotional budget is not an issue. If you are just starting out in the business or yours is a small to medium scale company, managing your budget is a top priority. To help you come up with an effective marketing strategy without hurting your budget, take a look at this:

Determine Who Your Targets Are

In order to reach your targets effectively, you need to know who they are. In other words, knowing your demographics is important. Consider what your product is and who its target consumers are. You need to consider their age range, gender if applicable, purchasing capacities and other similar factors.

The moment you are able to identify who your prospects are, it would be easier for you to reach them and come up with marketing strategies applicable for them.

Find Out How You Can Reach Them

To ensure that your strategies and the budget that goes with it would not go to waste, you need to come up with precise marketing plans. As you know, budget is indispensable in any business so trial and error is not applicable unless you have a lot of budget to waste. This is the reason why you need to identify who your targets are to ensure that you would come up with marketing strategies that would work for them.

For instance, if your targets are young professionals and you are selling an online tool that would make their professional lives easier, you would not come up with videos that talk about cars or come up with insignificant promotional materials such as golf bags.  Careful planning and effective strategy crafting is important if you want to hit your targets.

Create a Realistic Budget

So if you have already identified your prospects and you already know what makes them tick, the next thing for you to do is come up with effective marketing strategies. Take a look at your marketing budget and work on it. Make sure that you stick with it. Otherwise, if you keep adjusting your budget, you would end up ruining your finances and may even spend more than you can afford.

You can come up with articles to market your product, hold a promotional activity or perhaps provide promo items. Whatever your marketing strategy is, make sure that it will serve its purpose. Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be expensive; you just need to lay out your plan carefully in order for it to work and be budget-effective.